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The Gamley's chain of toy shops was founded in 1919 by Bill Lord and as "the toyshop of the south" there were a total of 17 toy shops across the south of England from Eastbourne to Southampton. 

The last of the retail outlets closed its door to the public in early 2008 after almost 90 years of trading. You can learn more about this Gamley's chapter at the Brighton Toy & Model Museum.

If you are looking for toys you may wish to look here instead. 

The Future 

The toy retail landscape has changed significantly over the past couple of decades. Following the surge in large retail parks and out-of-town shopping centres, and as the world continues to connect and technology continues to advance at a rapid pace a traditional style toy store on the UK high street is no longer a common sight. Equally mass consumerism and the ability to immediately access data online provides a vastly different experience to our children than in the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's. 

For nostalgic and 101 other reasons we believe the Gamley's brand should live on. To be clear that does not mean opening any retail outlets, offering mail order or online toy shopping. In fact it does not even involve any physical toys or games of any kind. You see, the world has changed and continues to change. The future is digital. So, if you yearn to be that kid again standing in a shop looking at your favourite range of toys then please follow us into our nostalgic immersive journey back to the past.

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